Re: [CH] Banning possums

Bob Pierce (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 12:35:07 -0700

Frank J. Hashek wrote:
> This will work.  Haven't had experience with the coyote thing, but read (in
> Organic Gardening) a number of years ago, that the same is true of human
> urine.  Being besieged by racoons in the corn patch at the time, I went out
> on a dark night ........ and the racoon damage ceased.
> Actually, I am envious of the person with the problem because I now have
> just a small raised bed for a few chiles and a few other plants.
> Running on chile power, Frank

Envious? You should be overjoyed. Think about have a lot less 
ground to cover.<g>  Corn takes up a lot of space 

In SoCal