Re: [CH] Vegetarian Chile-Head resources?

Doug Irvine (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:42:19 -0700

Dan Cole wrote:
> Doug,
> I appreciate the help. My girlfriend is vegetarian, but not vegan. She will
> also occasionally eat seafood (usually a half-dozen times a year), but
> absolutely no pork,  beef or poultry (although eggs are acceptable).
> Thanks again
> Dan Cole
> >Hello Dan (and veggie gal) first of all, is she a true vegan or does she
> >allow something like a fish sauce, such as nam pla? I have a slew of
> >tofu recipes which are so good that even tofu haters love them! I am not
> >a vegetarian, but we do like tofu, and have it all sorts of ways, it is
> >a very good protein, and prepared right tastes like whatever you put
> >with it...does this YL eat fish, or is she off ALL meat protein? If you
> >can let me know, then I can put together a few recipes that are HOT and
> >really taste great as well.  Cheers, Doug in BC Canada
> >
> >
2	tbls chile paste with garlic(Chinese grocery store)
1	tsp dark soy sauce
2	tsp light soy sauce
1	tbls rice wine vinegar
1	tsp sugar
	salt to taste
1	eggplant, about 1 pound or more
1/2 cup peanut oil
1	tbls dry sherry OR chinese cooking wine
1	tbls chopped up fine habanero
1/4 cup water
1	tbls water mixed with 1 tsp cornstarch

Combine first six ingredients in small bowl. Leave skin on and cut
eggplant into bite size chunks.  Heat a wok over high heat until a drop
of water goes to steam, add the peanut oil, just before the oil smokes,
throw in the eggplant, sherry and the hab..stir fry for about three
minutes or until the eggplant is slightly brown, and soft, turn down
heat, add the water and cover for another minute, remove cover, stir in
the chile paste, soy sauce mixture, and the corn starch if too thin and
cook until thickened..Very good dish NO MEAT AT ALL, there kid! Cheers
Doug in BC