[CH] Better Homes issue

Suzanne (suz@avana.net)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:00:59 -0400

>For an offline source of Chilehead veggie fare, I noticed yesterday the
>latest Better Homes and Gardens specialty publication featuring Hot & Spicy
>recipes.  There is a whole section devoted to spicy vegetarian dishes.  I
>found it at my local grocery store checkout line.
I noticed that issue as well, but unfortunately didn't have enough
groceries to make a quick browse all the way through and wasn't going to
pay the $5/issue!

On another note, the garden is 95% planted for this year.  Not enough room
as usual (no matter how big an area I till), but I did have room for about
30 pepper plants.  I am growing more scotch bonnets than habs. Is there a
reason other than seed/seedling availablity for the huge hab preference?


...if that which thou seek thou find not within thee, thou will never find
it without thee."