Re: [CH] I'm back (Chiles and pregnancy)

Senor Chile Monger (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 06:59:59 -0700


Just a quick anecdote.  A friend at work (she's on maternity leave now) in
her fourth and fifth month was ravenous for chiles.  She'd come to the
lunchroom when I ate lunch and do serious damage to my Hab powder and El
Yucateco.  We'd have a great time sitting at the lunch table, blowing our
noses and wiping our brows. Then, quite suddenly, she lost all desire for
spicy food.  She's of East Indian heritage and is used to a considerable
level of heat.  She's been back once to show off the new baby, but I was
too busy making baby noises to ask her if her taste for the fire had
returned yet.  Keep the faith! This too shall pass.


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