Re: [CH] I'm back

Linda Reynolds (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:20:49 -0400 (EDT)

>        I do have a question for the group, though.  Has anyone ever
>found that they've lost their desire/taste for the extremely hot
>foods/sauces while pregnant?  I really hope it isn't permanent, but I'd
>feel better if I knew that others have had temporary setbacks.  Maybe
>that's why I couldn't bring myself to read the list...
ll the best!!!
>-Marilyn Ceranski


I have been through 2 pregnancies and if my memory serves me correctly
(that's debatable at times!), I didn't crave it like I normally do but my
taste for it has returned!  My tastes changed in a number of ways, not
missing beer all that much (what?), but I didn't have strange cravings
either.  I did not stop eating hot all together but I didn't use it daily
like I do now.  You have to remember, your body is going through some major
changes and this too, is only a temporary situation.

Enjoy this time, pregnancy is an amazing process and a healthy one too.

Best wishes.....and we will save some peppers for ya til you want them the mean time, more for us!