RE: [CH] Healthy things

Pieters, Rob (
01 May 1998 04:18:50 -0500

I don't believe that taking aspirin with wine is a good idea.
Aspirin is a drug and it might be better to use grape juice.

But I never have heard that grape juice contents something to prevent   
heart attacks, for the one's who want to enjoy the extra ingredients of   
red wine you can also eat grapes, drink grape juice or you can buy those   
capsules with red grape skin powder (I don't remember where I have seen   
this once but I know it exist).


Constance Allen wrote:
> Linda and Michael,
 It was suggested
> that you wash down your daily asparin with grape juice to help prevent   
As Mark at Exit 109 would probably say "You wash your Asprin
down your way ,we'll wash it down ours" <g>
  In Vino Veritas
          Luke in Oz