[CH] "Green" recipes

Jonathan T. Smillie (jsmillie@protix.com)
Fri, 01 May 1998 11:29:01 -0500

Since there seems to be something of a "green recipe" thread 

running through the list at the moment, I thought I'd submit a favorite 

of mine. This derives from the "Habanero Cookbook," by Dave DeWitt 

and Nancy Gerlach, where it was introduced as a sauce for fish. 

Avocado-Tomatillo Sauce 

2 ripe avocados, peeled, pitted and chopped 

4 medium-to-large tomatillos*, chopped 

2 or more habaneros, minced (seeded or not as you prefer)  

1 onion, minced 

As many garlic cloves as you want, minced

2 tbsp lime juice, or to taste 

Salt to taste

* If using fresh tomatillos, husk them, then boil about 10 min. or until

soft in unsalted water. Let cool and chop. If using canned tomatillos, 

they can be chopped and added directly to the mix. I prefer the slightly

sharper taste of fresh ones if you can get them...

Combine avocados, chopped tomatillos, habaneros and garlic in a

food processor and mix well. Add lime juice and blend until desired 

consistency is reached. Add salt, taste and adjust if necessary. 

Depending on the ripeness of the avocados, the juiciness of the 

tomatillos, and the amount of lime juice added, this sauce can vary

from chunky and pale green to quite runny and dark green. It's very 

good on top of hearty fish like swordfish or tuna, and it's great with

chicken, but I've also made it alone as a dip for parties. 




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