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Fri, 1 May 1998 12:51:39 EDT

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 I just lost a third of my garden (and a half dozen pepper plants)
 yesterday... my dog somehow got his chain loose from its stake (don't
 ask me how... he's Houdini incarnate) and went meandering through my
 garden plot with the chain in tow.  Naturally, he couldn't just make a
 beeline through the garden... he just HAD to walk around aimlessly, all
 the while encircling my plants and ripping them out of the ground.
 It was horrible... oh, the humanity!!!
   Tom Wilhelm

A moment of silence is being observed in Las Vegas at this very minute.  Our
condolences to you and your beloved plants.  Having lived through a similar
trauma I can understand the emotions you must feel.  I have a Basset Hound
named "Chile Pepper Houndini" who did something just as vile last year.
Needless to say I do have a recipe for dog.  (just kidding)  I also have my
plants in well protected containers now.  I use pickle buckets from the
restaurant.  I can move the plants around at will, and this is a big help when
the sun starts to bake everything around the yard..

Don't give up the plants or the dog.

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