Re: [CH] Green eggs & ham

Doug Irvine (
Fri, 01 May 1998 19:29:23 -0700

Kevin Crooks wrote:
> El Yucateo green on scrambled eggs & ham.
> I would eat them in a box
> and I would eat them with a fox
> get the picture.
> Kevin Crooks

Hey Kevin, but NOT with a possum??Luckily we dont got none of those
critters in Canada(YET)! This green thread is gettin a run, aint it???
So dont blame me, a friend asked for my green chile stew recipe, and I
obliged! That is green as in GREEN chiles, and tomatillas, same
colour!Canuck spelling, Ed, take note)Anyway, chile verde...pollo verde,
whatever verde TASTES great hope you'all is color blind!(US spelling)I
do got a sense of humour, but not much else sense(except taste, smell,
and HOT!!)Cheers, Doug in BC