Re: [CH] chile pan

David Cook (
Fri, 01 May 1998 19:23:06 -0700

Judy Howle wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Today is my birthday

Happy birthday! Mine's tomorrow...

> and my hubby really surprised me this AM

I'll bet he did! Oh, what a straight line to give us.

> with a castiron chile cornbread pan by Lodge that he got by mail order
> from Cabela's.I have the seasoning directions with it, but have never
> had much luck with new cast iron.  Any tips other than baking it at
> 350 for an hour, coated with melted shortening? How come the old ones
> are so smooth and the new ones rough?  All the cast iron I own now, 2
> flat bakers, 2 round skillets, one square skillet, and a corn stick
> pan were old and already seasoned and very smooth surface. I got most
> of them at garage sales for a great price.  I use the flat baker to
> cook tortillas and it works great.

Probably just wear. With enough use most cast iron develops a smooth

David Cook