[CH] C. pubescens

Peter Moss (pmoss@yoda.alt.za)
Sat, 2 May 1998 04:32:19 RSA-2

As a follow up on the posts some information gathered from 
various sources [mostly Peppers of the world] and some 

C. Pubescens: Thrives in only a narrow temperature range.  Some
plants may not fruit because there is a self-incompatability in
the species.  For these to set fruit pollen must be transferred
from one plant to another.  The species also responds well to
shading because the foliage has a tendency to burn in full sun. 
The growing season is long 120 days or more.   Because it is
adapted to cooler highland climates it grows best under cooler
conditions.  Optimum is 80 deg F [26 C]  during the day and 55 
deg F [12 C] at night.  To much fertiliser (nitrogen) will cause 
profuse growth without flowering or fruit set.

My own experience is that fruit set only occurred when 
temperatures had decidedly cooled.  It is my belief that night 
time temperatures have the most influence as some of our days 
are still currently in the 26..30 deg C region but nights are 
much cooler, 10..14 C.  Fruit has started to set on the plants I 



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