Fw: [CH] Disaster struck

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Fri, 1 May 1998 21:43:37 -0400

Then there was the time 2 years ago when my neighbours 100 lb sheppard came
over to help me harvest some squash.  I turned around and there he was
carrying one over to me.  How could I be mad ?  One of us would have lost
and I wasn't sure it wouldn't have been me.


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>A moment of silence is being observed in Las Vegas at this very minute.
>condolences to you and your beloved plants.  Having lived through a similar
>trauma I can understand the emotions you must feel.  I have a Basset Hound
>named "Chile Pepper Houndini" who did something just as vile last year.
>Needless to say I do have a recipe for dog.  (just kidding)  I also have my
>plants in well protected containers now.  I use pickle buckets from the
>restaurant.  I can move the plants around at will, and this is a big help
>the sun starts to bake everything around the yard..
>Don't give up the plants or the dog.
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