[CH] Here's one for Rael - Sugarbark from Oz

lukasz (lukasz@midcoast.com.au)
Sat, 02 May 1998 21:46:16 +1000

Sugarbark is a thin sheet of toffee made from sprinkled sugars
baked at a high temperature. The raw sugar adds colour and the
coffee crystals give the toffee a pebbled texture .you will need
a heavy-gauge oven tray for this recipe.
Caster sugar (superfine Granulated sugar)
Raw Sugar 
Coffee crystals-sugar
(Calvins Powder)-optional
(Jims Apple smoked Habaneros)-Optional 
Cover tray with Alfoil then lightly oil.
measure sugar in these proportions 80% caster, 15% raw,and 5%
coffee crystals , Keep sugars seperate.
sprinkle the caster sugar to cover oiled tray /discard excess
(I inserted my last bit of calvins and a teaspoon of Jims Apple
smoked habs here)
flow raw sugar over in a ribbon pattern 
ditto with coffee crystals 
bake in a 200c oven for 4 minutes 
allow to cool 
peel the foil away while carefully lifting the sugarbark 
store in Airtight container

Recipe from TUKKA Real Australian Food by Jean-Paul
ISBN 0 207 18996 8.----641.5994

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serve with Quandongs in syrup if living in Oz, elsewhere my
suggestion would be Fresh peaches poached (Al-Dente!) in sugar,
water,lemon and orange juice with zest of both to taste.

                     Luke In Oz
Standard disclaimers Apply - but My thanks to Calvin and Jim for
both sending me a Sample. Jim I'm still trying to Use your
sample up so that I can place an Order for More, please keep
future samples sized down so that you get orders before the
Recipients die of old Age !