[CH] HEAT versus flavour!

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Mon, 04 May 1998 19:41:13 -0700

Well, lets really get ourselves in trouble! I dont know about all you
folks out there in radio land, but, when it comes to enjoying what we
put in our mouths and tummies,(to say nothing of what we get on our
hands) I subscribe to the theory, and always have that hot is GREAT, and
hotter is better....with a rider! Which is, if HOT is so HOT that you
cannot taste the flavour of the chile, which it really has, and each of
them has it's own peculiar taste, nor can you taste the flavour of the
food that the chile is enhancng, then it is too damned hot(not my words,
some other soul said them first)! If I make a dish, which I do every
day, for my better half and myself(and others on occasion) then I expect
that the dish, whatever it may be, a fish and potato and egg pie with
biscuit topping like last night, will have sufficient pepper flavour to
make it hot, BUT, still taste like what I had in mind when I developed
the meal. The other day I did Pasticcio, a macaroni dish out of Greece,
absolutely fabulous dish, but the 
Greeks would never recognize it, because I added chopped habs and some
Calvins powder, which I was lucky enough to get before he got trod
upon..anyway, this is the way I cook...flavour and taste first and
foremost, the heat of chile is very important to us in our food, ALL of
it, breakfast, lunch and dinner, BUT it must not be so overpowering that
the flavour of the dish, whatever it may be,comes through. I know that
thisis a long post, but this is something that I have discussed with
others, off list, and I think it needs to be addressed! Cheers, Doug in
BC(soon to be in Purgatory!)