[CH] Different Habs

Tony Davidson (tonyd@microsol.com.au)
Thu, 7 May 1998 10:37:42 +1000

> >do habs come in a variety of levels on the Scoville scale?
> >
> In fact this year I'm not even growing habs ( take away his card
> quick ).  I find that they have a very strong flavour and it's almost
> impossible to control the amount of heat.  So for example I can be
> making some chile, give it a try and add a Serano or 2 to bring the
> heat up just right.  For habs, I found sometimes 1/2 of one would take
> it from 'needs a bit more' to 'I hope the dog likes this'.
> I do would be interested in knowing about the different varieties of
> Habs.  I always thought there was 1 type, known as either a Haberno or
> a Scotch Bonnet.

I've been growing a few different varieties.  In my garden, I've got 
some red habs which are very strong in flavour and also very hot - 
although in my experience they don't seem as hot as I might expect 
(suspect I baby them too much - but then I've got 200-300 habs from 
each plant so I'll put up with the lower heat).

I picked up a yellow hab variety called Fragrant Trinidad at the 
Fragrant Gardens Chilli Festival (FGCF).  It doesn't appear to have 
any heat but has a strong flavour and particularly strong hab aroma - 
great for increasing the flavour without killing with heat.  As a 
bonus it's quite compact and looks great out the front with the 
bright yellow fruits hanging below.

Also picked up a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet at the FGCF.  The heat of 
these is much hotter than most of my habs - similar to the first few 
wimpy habs I got (leading me to think I baby them too much).  The 
flavour is distinct but suggest you find a milder hab if you're after 

Tried some of the orange habs (not growing any yet).  Found the 
flavour similar to my reds and maybe a tad milder than most of my 

Got a white hab at the FGCF but still waiting for it to fruit - it's 
very spindly - hopefully it'll fruit in the hothouse over winter.

Also got  a sweet hab - haven't tried it yet and will advise on its 
heat / flavour when I do.

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