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Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Tue, 5 May 1998 22:58:08 -0400

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>I've also been monitoring the conversations on heat vs taste, and
>that heat is fine, but not at the expense of flavor.  Habs seem to be
>the pepper of choice among Chile-Heads.  While I'm able to tolerate
>their heat, it's certainly uncomfortable.  Am I just a C-H wannabe,
>do habs come in a variety of levels on the Scoville scale?

I've been following the discussions on this list for a couple of weeks
now, and I'm starting to think of myself as a sheep in wolves
clothing.  Compared to most of my friends ( to whom fresh pepper can
be hot ) I'm the one with the caste iron stomach.  When it comes to
this list, I'm a bit of a wimp.

In fact this year I'm not even growing habs ( take away his card
quick ).  I find that they have a very strong flavour and it's almost
impossible to control the amount of heat.  So for example I can be
making some chile, give it a try and add a Serano or 2 to bring the
heat up just right.  For habs, I found sometimes 1/2 of one would take
it from 'needs a bit more' to 'I hope the dog likes this'.

I do would be interested in knowing about the different varieties of
Habs.  I always thought there was 1 type, known as either a Haberno or
a Scotch Bonnet.

End of confession time,  Stolen from Fire girls site ( worth the
visit )

But El Grande Habanero, I beg you...do not make me spend eternity
eating Spam Ole, Spam Apple-dapple Cake, nor Grilled Spam with Mango
Salsa...even if it is a Chipotle/Mango salsa.