RE: [CH] Habs

Michael Bowers (
Thu, 07 May 1998 15:44:23 PDT

>All were one price, New Zealand dollars 16.99 per kilogram, or to those
>of you more used to the greenback and imperial measurements, around US$
>4.25 per lb. Now this sounded like a bargain given the retail rarity of
>these varieties. How does this compare with prices in USA ?

Habanero's in the late summer/early  fall (ie,in season), run about $1-2 US/lb
at the farmers markets.  In the stores now, they are coming from Mexico (here
in California), and they run $5-6/lb, and the heat is quite variable.  In
summer the supermarket habs drop to maybe $3-4/lb.  Sometimes they sell
rocoto's as habaneros (rounder, red, thick wall and black seeds).

Serranos, long green Anaheim types, jalapenos and poblano's (called pasilla's
in the  supermarkets here) are pretty much available year round, and run under
$2/lb -- serranos and jalapeno's drop to maybe  50 cents/lb at farmer's
markets, and maybe $1 in the supermarkets in season (June-October or so).

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