[CH] Habs

Ian Sinclair (Ian@directus.co.nz)
Fri, 8 May 1998 09:33:46 +1200

Coming from downunder, I am jealous when I read of the variety of chiles
available for sale in stores stateside. Here we see cayennes and not
much else for sale, and they have always seemed expensive given that
they grow like weeds in the summer. So you can imagine my surprise
spotting a mixed chiles bin at the supermarket last night with that
familiar orange hab colour peeking through from amidst the green and
red. A quick rummage and I had gathered not only a bunch of habs but
also a pile of something that looked like serranos, and I also found
some wax (left for someone else to try). 

All were one price, New Zealand dollars 16.99 per kilogram, or to those
of you more used to the greenback and imperial measurements, around US$
4.25 per lb. Now this sounded like a bargain given the retail rarity of
these varieties. How does this compare with prices in USA ? 

Looking forward to testing the quality of those chiles tonight.

Ian Sinclair
Kiwi Chile Eater