[CH] Habs seedlings question

Greg Jensen (gjensen@amrion.com)
Thu, 07 May 1998 16:57:33 -0600

Fellow chile-heads,
This is my first posting so be gentle! Anyway, I have some great
seedlings working and ready to make the venture to the great outdoors.
However, my Habs seedlings have this wierd problem when I set them
outside in the sun now and then. It seems almost as if the leaves get
"bleached". They lose some of their green color when they are taken
outside for a while and the leaves eventually turn yellow and fall off.
Fortunately I haven't lost any of them but it has been a close call. The
habs are the only members of my fledgeling chile family to experience
this discoloration problem but it obviously is disturbing since they are
very dear to my heart err.....stomach. Anyway, if anyone has any idea
what the heck is going on or what I'm doing wrong I'd love the feedback.

Greg Jensen