RE: [CH] Question on Growing

Freeman, Dale (
Fri, 8 May 1998 09:17:00 +1000

     My experience with bleach is that it will soften the seed casing of

     hard seeds.  The secret is not to leave the seed in the bleach 
     solution too long (a few minutes only) and to rinse them THOROUGHLY

     after taking out of the bleach solution.
     Cheers to all

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Subject: Re: [CH] Question on Growing
Author:  Robert Farr, Chile Man []  at ACT-ALINGA
Date:    07/5/98 21:49

Soaking in a bleach solution is good - and bad.
The solution - usu. 1 part bleach to nine parts water - will kill 
bacteria and viruses which might have infected the seed.
But it will also retard germination - sometimes severely.
Two pieces of advice:  buy quality seed; ditch the bleach.