Re: [CH] Specialty Bottled Oil

Rosana M. F. Cardoso (
Fri, 8 May 1998 11:33:04 -0700

>I am sure you've all seen those bottles of oil with a sprig of rosemary
>or other herbs and spices in them with a cork in the top sealed with
>wax.  Well does anyone know of a site on the internet that contains
>recipes for different oils  (for actual use not just for decoration.)

Easy, easy, easy!!!

You need clean and dry herbs (any kind or a mixture) and a nice bottle.
Fill the bottle with as many herbs as you possibly can. Then, fill the
bottle up with oil (canola, safflower or any oil with no strong flavor). DO
NOT put the lid on the bottle. (Reason: the oil and herbs have to breathe)
Instead, close it with a piece of paper towel or coffee filter and a rubber
band. Leave it on your cupboard like that for 2 weeks. Every day or so,
gently tap the bottle so that the tiny air bubbles will be released. When
there's no more air bubbles, your oil is ready to use. That's it! When you
use the flavored oil and the leaves start to poke out, fill up the bottle
again with the same type of oil one or two times. (if you do it more then
that the flavor gets weaker)

Same principle applies to flavored vinegars. The only difference is that
you have to warm up the white vinegar before pouring it over the herbs. Let
it cool completly and put the lid on, no need to breathe. Ready to use in 2
to 3 weeks.

Hope that helps!