[CH] Preventing dogs from digging out (or in)

Louise R Koch (AgCloud@compuserve.com)
Fri, 8 May 1998 20:22:30 -0400

With the authors' permission, I'm forwarding this to the List as I've read a few posts 
about dogs getting into the tender seedlings and wreaking havoc...
Sorry if it doesn't translate well. The same software that permits 
me to receive and transmit binary files also can be hell when I try to communicate to lists.

Louise Koch

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RE:	[G@H] Preventing dogs from digging out

	Old farm trick: chicken wire flat on the ground.  Buy the 2' stuff and (I
am assuming your fence is ground level) lay it under the fence (this will
"tack it down" on that side and keep it flat).  It will extend out over
your lawn.  Cut wire coat hangers (or buy them in a garden store, they are
sold as "earth staples"), each corner, to make "staples" and staple the
chicken wire down into the grass.  When this is done correctly, you can run
a lawn mower right over the top of it, provided you're not trying to scalp
the lawn.  Or, if you never, ever, want to have to maintain this:

Dig up edge of fence about 2' into yard.  Put in a bunch of soil amendments
etc, and run plastic edging along inside edge (so weeds don't spread into
it)  lay down landscape fabric, then chicken wire.  Go to landscape store.
Buy a bunch o' perennials.  Cut holes in chicken wire and landscape fabric.
 Plant bunch o' perennials.  Mulch with wood chips.  Presto (after several
weekends of work) insta major garden which discourages digging along the
fence line.

Buy wooden garden chair.  Buy tenny ball.  Sit in chair admiring garden
throwing ball for golden.

:-) T.