[CH] Pepper germination

Doug Goldenberg (dgoldenberg@sprintmail.com)
Fri, 8 May 1998 12:55:52 -0700

You wrote: 

I thought I would try my hand in North West Indiana to get some pepper 
seed to germinate. I soaked the seed in a Water/bleach solution in a 6 oz 
cup I would say an 1/8 oz of bleach was in it. That has been over two 
weeks now no sign of germination. What is going on?


I've noticed some peppers will take a week, while others take a month, to
germinate, despite being in the same conditions.  I just plant them
directly in pots of soil - nothing fancy.  They all need a good bit of
warmth to germinate quickly, at least 70F.  Don't know, maybe the bleach
killed them.