Re: [CH] Accckkk!!!

Gail Donaghey (
Fri, 08 May 1998 21:47:13 -0500

I've been out of touch, but I read your post on leaves being eaten.  The
culprits at my house were snails.  I sprinkled some of my powder around the base
of each plant, then dissolved 6 garlic oil gelcapsules in a quart of water with
a little soap and sprayed the leaves--no more problem.  Aphids bailed out, too.

Suz wrote:

> Help!
> Something is eating the leaves of my pepper plants!!  They were nice healthy
> strong leaves yesterday, now some plants are nothing more than stems.  I
> dusted them with the Ortho vegetable stuff, maybe that will help.  I don't
> know if it's grasshoppers (thanks again to el niņo) or cutworms or ???????
> The plants are in cages to keep the bunnies and squirrels out, that was a
> lesson learned a few years ago.
> These are the same babies that germinated on top of my cable box in ziplock
> baggies, graduated to peat pots in the warm kitchen, and finally made it
> outdoors just a couple of weeks ago under protective plastic milk cartons.
> The ones that are still under the milk cartons are uneaten, which makes me
> think grasshoppers are responsible.  Do grasshoppers like pepper plants?
> Any suggestions??
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