Re: [CH] Don't Waste That Possum (and other assorted critters)

Calvin Donaghey (
Fri, 08 May 1998 21:51:00 -0500

Howdy, ever'body.  I just popped in long enough to add that, here in parts of
Texas, Armadillo is just POSSUM ON THE HALF SHELL.  Enjoy.

Daryl F. Bernard wrote:

> While I've never had opossum, I regularly eat squirrel and rabbit and
> prefer both of them to anything you might buy at the meat market
> (chicken, etc.) We generally roast them with carrots and potatoes, but
> occasionally get a little daring and grill or fry or even cook them in a
> casserole of some sort. This past season I discovered the joys of rabbit
> ala Calvin, sprinkling generous portions of Calvin's magic powder during
> and after cooking.
> My wife and kids also enjoy wild game very much. Would also highly
> recommend pheasant, grouse, woodcock, dove, pigeon, and even woodchuck.
> Of course, venison simply cannot be beat. Would not recommend crow
> (alwasy believe that if I kill it, I should eat it, so I did...never shot
> another crow  :)
> Still have a package of rabbit in my freezer...think a weekend barb-b-q
> is in order...
> Daryl