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Cilantro can go in anything (almost) Mexican & Chinese - especially Chinese
Chicken Salad - I make a mock one:

Place equal parts cabbage & lettuce chopped/shredded (for a large group use
one of each) in a large bowl
Add coarsely chopped/snipped cilantro
Two packages Ramen noodles - uncooked (use the seasoning for something else)
while still in the pacakge, use the palm of your hand to crush the noodles,
then pour over the greens - set aside
Put enough oil (olive, bacon fat, canolla. . .) in fry pan to cover the
bottom (about 2TBS) - use med-hi to hi heat
Add chicken - cut into bite sized pieces (either raw or already cooked - raw
will take a bit longer to cook)
While cooking the chicken add seasonings like garlic (preferably fresh
chopped), chopped red pepper (to taste), 5-spice powder, 3 TBS chunky peanut
butter, sesame seeds
When done, pour chicken mix over the greens
Pour one bottle Italian dressing over this
Toss & serve

Have additional hot peppers, salt & pepper, on the side 

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> Hello, All!
> I have a bumper crop of cilantro for the first time ever - I have a new
> greenhouse window in the kitchen and started some herbs from seed really
> early this year.
> Anyway, I am trying to find some good, spicy recipes containing cilantro.
> Of course, I am using plenty in fresh salsas, but there must be other
> recipes that use more than a sprig or two!
> Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> -Angie
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