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Michael, Cafe Terra Cotta is good. Also, El Charro in the old town in
downtown Tucson is interesting. The best place to go, but I can't remember
the name of the street, is a street that is lined with authentic Mexican
joints. Most of them are pretty dumpy and I was the only gringo in some of
the places but the food is great. If you ask around I'm sure someone can
point you there. Also, be sure to take a drive through the National Park to
see the Saguaros. Around sunrise it is fantastically beautiful. I had a 9:00
AM flight out of Tucson on a trip there so I got up at 5:00 and drove up
there before I headed to the airport. There was no one else around. I parked
the car and hiked a little ways up a trail. You could hear birds and animals
calling to one another for miles in the distance. A great experience.

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> I'm going to be out of touch for a week or so, so please keep the
> flame wars
> related to chiles!  Also, if you need any assistance with list
> problems, send
> me email and I will deal with it when I return.
> I'll be cruising the Arizona/Mexico border area in search of wild
> chiltepins, and will probably check out the green chile plantings
> in southern
> New Mexico if I get a chance.  If you've got any no-miss places to eat in
> between Tuscon and Las Cruces or so, let me know before Saturday.
> Thanks
> Mike
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