Re: [CH] Habs

Steve (
Sun, 10 May 1998 09:46:15 -0400

>>A couple of weeks later, while visiting the same store, I found
bagged habaneros (five of the little dudes to a bag, and I do mean
little) priced at $2.99 per bag.  A quick mathematical calculation
showed me the store was selling 'em for about $22.00 per pound...ouch!
I mentioned to the manager that the price was a bit steep and he sorta
shrugged his shoulders in a jesture that seemed to say "You asked
for 'em, you got 'em."  <<

Last year the local Safeway (Fredericksburg, VA) was stocking hads for
$1.99/lb. in "bulk".  At the time my harvest was in full swing and thought
the price was great if you needed to buy and had no garden. Later they had
just received a shipment that was packaged in little clear plastic boxes.
The price was $2.99 each for about 7-8 habs. So I asked the clerk when the
bulk shipment would be in.  He said that is the way they get them and for
the "bulk" they just empty the packages on the shelf. He went on to say
that I could take what I liked at the "bulk" price.  About 1/3 to the habs
were damaged or going bad. So I went through about 15 boxes and hand picked
the best, about a pound, and left the bad ones.  Only problem is they have
not stocked them after that. Hope it was just the end of the season thing
and I did not ruin it for others.