Fw: [CH] Fwd: May 1, 1998 - Barbecue'n On The Internet Newsletter

Craig Rubin (crubin@foxinternet.net)
Sun, 10 May 1998 11:25:24 -0700

I Just received this from another list (homedoctor) that I subscribe to.
Some of our fellow Chile-Heads may be interested in entering their bbq sauce
recipe(s) search.  The usual disclaimers apply.

Craig "What is life without a little Heat!" Rubin

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Subject: [CH] Fwd: May 1, 1998 - Barbecue'n On The Internet Newsletter

>Here's a little excerpt that may be of interest for those of you who are
>interested in getting your BBQ Sauce a little exposure.  Usual disclaimers
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> You folks have asked for it and we intend to help deliver!  Pacific rim
Productions has contacted us to help promote a whopping 13 part television
series on Barbecue'n!  This series "will celebrate the diversity of the
nation's various regional barbecue styles and will teach viewers how to cook
it up at home".
> Some of the planned events will include:  Memphis In May, Waylon's West
Texas Barbecue Cook Off, Tour de Pig, Lummi Nation Stommish & Salmon
Barbecue, A Day in the Life of Barbecue Heaven (Kansas City, MO), The
American Royal and the Jack Daniel's Invitational.
> They are also making tentative plans for episodes on:  Veggies on the
'Que, Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit and BBQ's Top 10 Shrines.
> Here is the REALLY INTERESTING part ........... They are currently on a
nationwide search for award-winning bbq RECIPES.
> Think you have one?  If so sent your information to Rick Browne -
President of Barbecue America.  You can contact him at:
> Rick Browne, President
> Pacific Rim Productions
> 145 Shake Tree Lane
> Scotts Valley, CA  95066
> Phone: 408/ 438-3919
> Fax: 408/ 439-8870
> e-mail:  RBrownePRC@aol.com
> PS -  Pacific Rim Productions also has a contract with Time-Life Books.
WOW, what exposure for your sauce!