[CH] Boston HotLuck

Dave Hendricks (bvdrangs@enter.net)
Tue, 12 May 1998 05:51:14 +0000

Thanks to all for the suggestions on where to eat in Boston. I am 
flying there Friday to do preparations for the summer.  It is good 
that I will be spending a lot of time there as the list is very 
long. I also have arrangements to meet some of my boomerang throwing 
friends in the area for some throwing. Keep you heads down if you 
are near Lexington.  I will not be able to attend the hotluck as I 
will be at home then. I will be in Boston from Monday-Friday each week 
unless I can swing a weekends at the Company's expense. After being 
married 28 years I have a fond attachment to that woman who sleeps 
next to me and feel I must get home weekends to see her.

Dave Hendricks....Booming to beat the Devil