Re: [CH] Ice cream

J. B. Cattley (
Tue, 12 May 1998 20:58:48 +1000

>Subject: [CH] Ice cream
>Pardon the enquiry, but, does anyone out there have a recipe for a tasty
>chile ice cream ?  Have a few drinking partners coming round and they have
>asked for a 'surprise' chile dish- they're a trifle unmoved by a fruity
>chile taco with their beer and I need a little ooomph !
> Andrew Healy

I made a thick fruit syrup of apricots, mangoes and orange habs, and just
swirled it through vanilla icecream. Yummy! This would also be fun with
chocolate icecream.

Habs go with everything, so why not try adding some hab puree to chocolate
sauce (melted chocolate, stiff paste with icing sugar, thin with orange
juice) and drizzle it over just about anything?