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At 11:22 AM 5/12/98, Melinda Merkel wrote:
>>Well, I took MsBear to dinner there tonight and we both agreed  
>>that this place has the absolute best Mexican cuisine we have found 
>>here in the Boston area.  Move this one to the top of the list.
>Some of you may be inspired toward calling me a food elitist here, but it's
>hard for me to imagine getting real Mexican food in a place that's so far
>away from Mexico. I live in the Phoenix area, and when I'm travelling I
>don't even try for Mexican unless I'm in Mexico or the Southwest. Will,
>have you (or anyone else in this discussion) ever had Mexican-style food
>closer to the border? How does it compare? I have no benchmark to compare
>this against and I'm curious.

Au Contraire!  It is not necessarily the geography that dictates the
authenticity of a restaurants cuisine, the origins of the chef as well as
availability of authentic ingredients is even more important.  There are
two establishments local to me up here in Joisey that have met both
criteria.  The chefs are both from Mexico and learned to cook there, and to
assure the availability of proper ingredients the families that own the
restaurants also operate Mexican Grocery stores either on premisis or
nearby.  Menus of these restaurants can be viewed at:

Juanitos, Red Bank, NJ:

El Meson, Freehold NJ:


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