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That's true. New Jersey isn't Boston. One of the best Mexican joints I've
ever eaten at is Cafe Poblano in Brunswick, NJ. It's a dump, the people who
work there don't speak English, and I was usually the only Gringo in the
place but the food is fantastic. It's not availability of ingredients that
makes the difference, however, it's the presence of a Mexican population.

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> Au Contraire!  It is not necessarily the geography that dictates the
> authenticity of a restaurants cuisine, the origins of the chef as well as
> availability of authentic ingredients is even more important.  There are
> two establishments local to me up here in Joisey that have met both
> criteria.  The chefs are both from Mexico and learned to cook
> there, and to
> assure the availability of proper ingredients the families that own the
> restaurants also operate Mexican Grocery stores either on premisis or
> nearby.  Menus of these restaurants can be viewed at:
> Juanitos, Red Bank, NJ:
> El Meson, Freehold NJ:
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