Re: [CH] Boston

David Cook (
Tue, 12 May 1998 20:19:20 -0700

Melinda Merkel wrote:
Some of you may be inspired toward calling me a food elitist here, but

> hard for me to imagine getting real Mexican food in a place that's so
> far
> away from Mexico. I live in the Phoenix area, and when I'm travelling
> I
> don't even try for Mexican unless I'm in Mexico or the Southwest.
> Will,
> have you (or anyone else in this discussion) ever had Mexican-style
> food
> closer to the border? How does it compare? I have no benchmark to
> compare
> this against and I'm curious.

Actually, having lived from Wisconson to Southern California (half a day
from the border) and regularly visiting my folks in Tucson, I can say
it's not impossible to get good Mexican food away from the region.
Harder, but not impossible. You shouldn't discount the fact that there's
a been a healthy immigration throughout large parts of the US. Actually,
one of the better places I know is in a small town (Delevan) in
Wisconson -- a combo grocery and restaurant called Hernandez. It's a
very rural area, but nonetheless there were two Hispanic groceries and
semi-regular dances in the area.  The best places are usually small and
family run, which is pretty much true anywhere.

David Cook