Re: [CH] Boston

The Old Bear (
Tue, 12 May 1998 23:30:33 -0400

In Chile-Heads Digest, v.4 #413, Jeffery Rose wrote:

>Date: 11 May 98 13:14:18 -0400
>From: Jeffrey Rose <>
>Subject: [CH] Boston
>Unfortunately, Beantown is not known for fiery cuisine.  Were a pot
>roast, meatloaf, and mac' n' cheese city.  I had enough of that stuff 
>growing up to last a lifetime. . . .

Sheesh.  I post 314 lines of restaurant reviews and Jeff says this 
place is not known for "fiery cuisine."

Well, none of the firey cuisine is indigenous, but then again 
neither were the Pilgims.  Boston is a city of immigrants and has 
welcomed the hot along with the not.

The Old Bear

PS:  And, just like San Franciscans say "Don't call it Frisco!", 
you'll have a hard time finding many native Bostonian who'll call 
this place "Beantown."   Boston is called "The Hub", a sobriquet
bestowed by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, who described Boston 
as "the hub of the universe."

(Open up the Boston phone book and you'll find only 7 businesses
-- mostly tourist oriented -- called "Beantown" compared with 29 
called "Hub" something or other -- and a whopping 123 called 
"Bay State".)