[CH] first rocoto

John Lilly (John.C.Lilly-1@ou.edu)
Wed, 13 May 1998 09:26:48 -0500

Praise be to El Grande!	

Yesterday, after 2 years of labor and love, I picked my first rocoto
ever.  I was quivering with excitement as cut open the pepper to behold
the black seeds among the red flesh.  As I inhaled the aroma of the
blessed fruit, I could smell the sweet heat of which I was about to
partake.  I took a bite of the front of the pepper.  The flavor was
similar to that of a red bell pepper, only better in some indescribable
way.  The heat was substantial but pleasant.  I took a bite of the back
of the pepper.  Again, I tasted the same wonderful flavor.  All of a
sudden, the heat started to build.  I could feel the spirit of El Grande
flowing through my body.  I was on fire, a burning sacrifice.  I AM NOT
WORTHY!  The feeling left almost as quickly as it had come, leaving only
a memory of the blessing I had received.  

WOW!  Those peppers are something else.  They are not as hot as my habs,
but still pack quite a punch.

In El Grande's Service
John Lilly