Re: [CH] Sambal Tumis

H. Alan Kantrud (
Wed, 13 May 1998 01:44:39 -0500

Anna Monro wrote:

>          I hope this isn't one of those idiotic questions which everyone asks
>      when they first join the list, which will result in great flaming and
>      I'll never be allowed to live it down.

on the contrary, great question!  yours is the sort of question this group was
set up for, among other things.  and don't worry, everyone knows there is never
any flaming here....<grin>

>       Anyway - I'm having a dinner party this weekend, using a mixture of
>      Thai and Malaysian recipes.  One of them (for Mi Goreng, a noodle
>      dish) calls for Sambal Tumis, which the recipe helpfully explains is a
>      chili sauce.

  i'll ask around up here.  My neighbor is native Malay and i frequent most of
the thai places worth spending money on.

good luck

h. alan

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