[CH] Things that are Hot for $200

YYZkid (YYZkid@aol.com)
Wed, 13 May 1998 12:09:57 EDT

Okay, you know the part I'm talking about.

The ending guitar solo in 2112. Shit, does Al smoke there or what? Then Neil
goes ballistic on the kit. Just about makes my life worth living....


Uhhhhh, ooops! Wrong list! Here's some pepper content: If Al were a pepper,
he'd definitely be a hab.

So, lemme get this straight.  There's a frikkin' internet newsletter devoted
to talking about hot peppers. No shit? I could prolly come up with a thousand
other things I'd like to chat about...one being the prevention of gastro-
intestinal overstimulation...but I digress.  Like Dave's Insanity Sauce
straight from the bottle, brazenly I go...

<pssshhht! Opens bottle of Sam Adams Cream Stout>

Welp, as long as I'm here I'll throw out a question for y'all. Has anyone ever
tried making cocktail sauce using Dat'l Do It Hot Sauce (which I
affectionately call "ketchup") and horseradish? I might try that one this
weekend. Lump that stuff over some raw clams. Dang...now you're talking.

Plan to do much striped bass fishing (and catching) this weekend. I'll
consider posting my recipe for Cajun Striped Bass if I survive the pummeling
I'm gonna get for this post! 

See ya in hell,
The Scoville Kid

"Better people, better food, better beer!"    -Rush