Re: [CH] Boston Hot Luck

Valerie (
Wed, 13 May 1998 22:50:14 -0400

I am so bummed out that I won't be able to get to the Boston
Hot Luck :(  Been looking so forward to this, but I'm going
to be in St Louis that weekend. Are there any other Hot LUcks
scheduled in Maine or New Hampster? 

On another note, I heard about a cool Mex food place in 
Concord NH, located on the same street as Turtle Dreams 
(cool store! Good habs! :) It's supposed to be a former jail
and you eat inside the cells? Has anybody heard about this
place and how it is? I'll try it out on my next visit to
Concord to pick up supplies!
see ya,

> Jim McGrath is no longer subscribed to the list because they've got him
> working real hard at his job, soooo he asked me to announce that the next
> Boston hot luck will be held on May 31st at his and Linda's house just
> outside of Boston. Email for details.


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