RE: [CH] Boston Hot Luck

Inagaddadavida (
Thu, 14 May 1998 08:54:30 -0500

Twas Writ:
>> (cool store! Good habs! :) It's supposed to be a former jail
>> and you eat inside the cells? Has anybody heard about this

>Ask to be seated in a "cell".

Man, I just don't know about that.  Good chilehead food or not, eating in a
jail cell just ain't this redneck's idea of a good time.  May have
something to do with previous penal (no pun intended, mind you...and 'twas
long ago in the Drunken Ages) experiences...may have something to do with
the idea of a "last meal"  (ZAP...POOF...tastes like chicken?..).  Either
way, this boy doesn't voluntarily walk into any jail cell...

...unless Xena or Nikita or Martha Babe drags me in which case,
lock that door, mon...and toss me my Twister game...

Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......

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