RE: [CH] Boston Hot Luck

Nutting, Stacey (
Thu, 14 May 1998 09:00:41 -0400

Valerie wrote:
> On another note, I heard about a cool Mex food place in 
> Concord NH, located on the same street as Turtle Dreams 
> (cool store! Good habs! :) It's supposed to be a former jail
> and you eat inside the cells? Has anybody heard about this
> place and how it is? I'll try it out on my next visit to
> Concord to pick up supplies!
> see ya,
> Valerie
	[Nutting, Stacey]  Hi-
	That would be Tio Juan's. I haven't eaten there for years, so I
can't speak for the food quality anymore, but the atmosphere is a kick.
Ask to be seated in a "cell".