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Michael Schapansky (
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That stuff wouldn't even pass for chili in California.
Here in Texas we do things a bit differently.
You have your ground meat.
Your spices.
Some folks use stock of some kind.
Some folks add beer.
Tomatos or tomato sauce are a point of contention.
Anything other than meat that's found floating around in your bowl is a
point of contention.
There're never any potato skins or beans nearby.

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> Well, we went to Holland <right across the border for me> for a road trip
> and a bite and beer, found a place labeled as "American Ribs and Eats"
> specialising in Tex Mex.... this, I had to check out. So, we got the daily
> special, which turned out to include "Chili con Carne".... oh, mistake
> number one. When it came, it was made up of cooked white beans covering
> potato skins, with a saucy base of bell peppers, ground meat, and
> get this..
> NO cumin, NO chili powder, it was SWEET, and tasted distinctly of canned
> baked beans. I asked for some hot sauce to make it palatable, and
> got a tiny
> dish of something she called "fire sauce".... it was sweet. No heat. I
> stopped her and asked for ANYTHING hot, and she said, oh, like sambal?...
> and then forgot about me anyhow. From now on, I don't go NOWHERE
> without my
> Calvin's. The only thing that saved the day was that they had
> real pitchers
> of beer, 1.5 liters, too bad it was Oranjeboom.....
> Diane wishing for the burn in Flanders.