[CH] burned again

marxman (marxman@skynet.be)
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:20:30 +0200

Well, we went to Holland <right across the border for me> for a road trip
and a bite and beer, found a place labeled as "American Ribs and Eats"
specialising in Tex Mex.... this, I had to check out. So, we got the daily
special, which turned out to include "Chili con Carne".... oh, mistake
number one. When it came, it was made up of cooked white beans covering
potato skins, with a saucy base of bell peppers, ground meat, and get this..
NO cumin, NO chili powder, it was SWEET, and tasted distinctly of canned
baked beans. I asked for some hot sauce to make it palatable, and got a tiny
dish of something she called "fire sauce".... it was sweet. No heat. I
stopped her and asked for ANYTHING hot, and she said, oh, like sambal?...
and then forgot about me anyhow. From now on, I don't go NOWHERE without my
Calvin's. The only thing that saved the day was that they had real pitchers
of beer, 1.5 liters, too bad it was Oranjeboom.....

Diane wishing for the burn in Flanders.