Re: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.

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Thu, 14 May 1998 10:15:32 -0500

Twas Writ:

>I went to Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd in Austin, TX.  This place is or was a
>local hot spot.  Not as much for the Chile seasonings they use but....well.

I think the Chuy's vary depending on location.  Never went to the one on
Barton Springs Rd, but I went a couple times to the one "north" of there
with my sister (never did learn my roads while in Austin other than those
around 6th and Lamar area..).  Was pretty good.  Nothing thrilling, but
then again, I've never been to Mexico and have no real Mexican experience
to judge other with/on.  Salsa doesn't trigger a memory so I'll assume it
was nothing special.  Try Trudy's (off Guadalupe? somewhere up there...).
It's a Mexican place/college hang out.  Food's pretty good though and they
have a decent salsa that they place on the table pretty quick...and leave

Oddly, here in Jackson TN - which is a restaurant wasteland (other than a
decent Chinese restaurant; decent 'cause they'll make my food damn hot if I
beg..) - there's a small (local?) chain of Mexican restaurants called Los
Portales (I think...whatever..).  Only eaten there once, but again, once
you sit, out come the chips and salsa.  Bland salsa as I expected (this is
NOT a chilehead town), but I asked the waiter (all were Hispanic which usu.
is a good sign) if there was some hot salsa hiding in the back.  He finally
understood my redneck twang and brought forth a big bowl of dark red salsa,
thin and runny, but pretty damned hot and full of cilantro.  I was pleased
to have that.  And no one else at the table could eat it, so I was pleased
with that as well.  Don't remember the food though, so...

>Where have you folks found the best and WORST salsas??

Typically, hiding in my cold unit at work....for "snacks".  Okay, so I
don't get out much...geez.  Also found a brand called Don Alfonso's
Habanero salsa right there in Austin (forget the store...small expensive
grocery on West Lynn across from West Lynn Cafe) that was pretty damn good.
 Expensive, but it did the job when I was too lazy to make my own...

Damn, late for work...

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