[CH] Burpee pepper plants

Vince and Lori Huebert (hueberts@home.com)
Thu, 14 May 1998 22:00:53 -0500

Oh great joy.  When I got home from work today my box with pepper and
tomato plants from Burpee had arrived.  I couldn't' wait to see the
Chiltepin and Hot Lemon pepper plants and the Cherokee Purple and
Brandywine tomato plants.  How disappointing.  These plants were first
of all tiny and spindly.  Then they were packaged so poorly that most of
the "dirt" was missing and loose in the box.  I  hope I can salvage one
of the Brandywine tomato plants and one or two of the Cherokee Purple
plants.  Thanks be to El Grande the pepper plants (all 6 of them) appear
to all be alive.  I shudder at the thought of the wrath of El Grande
over the abuse of Chile plants.
On the other hand, I ordered a dozen or so plants from Cross Country
Nurseries  http://www.magcon.com/ccn/  and they arrived looking
magnificent.  These were big, big plants.  They were healthy, beefy
looking just waiting to be planted.  In other words the complete
opposite of the plants from Burpees.  Of course the standard disclaimer
applies for both companies just a satisfied/unsatisfied customer.