RE: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.

Michael Schapansky (
Thu, 14 May 1998 22:01:57 -0500

Yeah, and sometimes you can get lucky at Pappacito's and they'll have
cabrito on the menu.  Huge portion, cooked tender enough that you don't need
cutlery.  Yum..

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> Whew!  I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I'm in Austin regularly,
> and while I
> personally love Papacito's, I'd been told repeatedly about how much better
> Chuy's was.  Went to the same one, fyi.  Thought it was...well, boring.
> Good cold Corona's, though.  But, salsa was based on catsup, as stated.
> When I asked for fresh peppers, was looked at like "what kinda wierdo are
> you?".  I asked for sauce to make up for the lack of fresh peppers, and
> got...sigh....Tabasco.  I pushed the envelope, and asked for
> something with
> a bit more spark.  Got Cholulas.  Double sigh.
> Haven't been back.  Hard to give THAT response a second chance.
> Bill Oakes
> San Jose, USA
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> Subject: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.
> >Having enjoyed many a bowl of salsa over the years I thought I'd
> share last
> >nights experience.
> >I went to Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd in Austin, TX.  This place
> is or was
> a
> >local hot spot.  Not as much for the Chile seasonings they use
> but....well.
> >I have a hard time understanding it.  It IS cheap.  Maybe that's a lot of
> >the appeal.  The point here is that when the obligatory dish of salsa was
> >put out there were actually 2.  One was based nearly entirely on catsup.
> >Not a good brand either.  If there was Chile in it I couldn't
> detect it. Of
> >course it would have taken a bit to activate my heat sensors.
> There were a
> >few chunks.  Few and far between.  Yuck.
> >Luckily the other bowl had a pretty good Pico de Gallo so all
> was not lost.
> >But that salsa was awful.
> >
> >I went to a Mexican place in Miami one time where the salsa was fresh
> >jalapenos ground up in a food processor with a little water.  No
> S&P.  Just
> >Jalapenos and water.  Not the most imaginative.
> >
> >Where have you folks found the best and WORST salsas??
> >
> >Inquiring minds and all that.