Bob Pierce (
Fri, 15 May 1998 14:40:28 -0700

BP's Butt Rub

2 T Salt
4 T Sugar (brown or refined)
2 T Ground Cumin
2 T Chile (I use De Arbol, but whatever sounds good to you will work)
1 T Paprika (All this does is just add some color)
1 T Ground Mustard
2 t Ground Pepper
1 t Ground Garlic
1 t Thyme

This is a fairly basic rub I use for works for me.
I use whole spices and grind them. Better flavor that way.
Shake on your meat ( no need to RUB it in) and refridgerate for 24 to 48 
Whip out your meat and start cookin over low heat 225 Deg.

JOE1BOXER wrote:
> I have a challenge for all you hot heads out there.  It is getting to that
> time of year when bbq is one of the great things to do.  So I figure what
> better place to go looking for a good rub recipe then here.  I am looking for
> the hottest, tastiest, chile-head worthy bbq rub recipes.  So if you are up to
> the challenge: post you best rub recipes.
>    -Joe

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