Re: [CH] consumer opinion

Fri, 15 May 1998 17:28:23 -0500

>After all, you are the "top of the food chain" in the hot
>sauce business" as the editor put it and I know will make a great source
>for me.

Yes most of us will eat anything we can get in our mouths. Just spice it up.

>I would like to know what prompts you to buy one hot sauce over
>another.  What rings your chime,  so to speak.  It is taste, heat
>levels, color, labels, price, advertising, word-of-mouth, salesmen's
>advice or anything else that causes you to reach for that "special"
>bottle.  Also, if you don't mind, I'd also like to quote some of you in
>the article because I feel there is a great cross-section of people on
>the list.

I personally, just try any hot sauce I find on the store shelves. If I like
it I will buy it again. If not, I will through it away. Flavor is the number
one criterion. Heat level is next. Price does not matter. Labels don't count
either. I have found sauces that I heard about on this list, and bought them
because of other chile heads recomendations. I have not been dissapointed
yet. There are a lot of bad sauces out there, and quite a few good ones. I
like a lot of heat, and that makes it harder to find a sauce with a good
flavor. I finally got my hands on a bottle of Melinda's XXXXtra Hot the
other day. I LIKE IT!!! And yes you can quote me on that.

>If you feel that this is too commercial for a discussion on the list,
>please feel free to e-mail me privately.  I hope that this isn't the
>case, however, because I think (in my own mind, of course) that this
>would be an interesting topic.

I think it is a good topic, too.

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