Re: [CH] Worst Salsa...hey, that brings up a pet peeve!!!

H. Alan Kantrud (
Fri, 15 May 1998 17:07:06 -0500

>  Does anyone else have a favorite story to share? I'm interested in learning
> how you've dealt with this. I've tried (at the Indian restaraunt) telling
> them I wanted the food "Authentically seasoned", but I still received bland
> food with very little heat.
> i once ate at a mexacan restaurant in north dakota (where i'm from) where,
> after having a rather tepid bean burrito arrive smothered in what i swear was
> beef gravy, i politely asked the server if she could go into the kitchen and
> dig up some chiles to liven up the fare a bit.  she came back after a few
> minutes with a small side dish of mushy canned green chiles...i asked her if
> that was all she could do and she said, "ya, i asked for hot peppers for you
> but my boss said that there was too much liability in serving raw jalapenos to
> customers."

i was so taken-aback all i could do was laugh...and politely eat my burrito and
beef gravy, sans jalapenos!

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