Re: [CH] Recipes for MRE's

John Benz Fentner, Jr. (
Sat, 16 May 1998 12:41:18 -0400

N/hotsdesr wrote:

> Greetings all!
> We're located just down the road from the west coast Marine Base, Camp
> Pendleton. I'm going to be looking for recipes to spruce up Meals - Read
> to Eat (MRE). These replaced C-Rations or K-Rations as the militaries
> method of serving food in the field. I have a source bringing me some
> samples soon and we'll be hitting the group up for recipes or thoughts
> on ways to improve them. Anyone having previous experience can send the
> ideas now, we'll collate and redistribute. We're also going to put
> together a small "cook book" for the Marines in the area.
> Thanks! Curt

Well...the only good way to improve an MRE involves a shovel and soft
soil...but failng that:

For the Air Force you add a good hab sauce, a delicate but amusing Cabernet,
a table cloth and a bud vase.
For the Navy a bottle of Tabasco and a copy of "Hustler".
For the Army a spoon (with instructions),
and for the Marines a rock and a salt shaker.

Ex-USAF Food Service
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Unionville, Connecticut, USA
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